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    Luxury Modern bathroom Interior Design Dubai

    Modern day architecture has given immense importance to bathroom interior design. A bathroom has to be luxurious as well as comfortable. Latest technologies & material solutions allow designers to create great bath spaces, which are impressive as well as convenient to use. The Mouhajer International design team will greatly synchronize the interior of a bathroom with the rest of the house. We have an amazing grip over creating magnificent bathroom interiors using modern day technology & traditional designs.

    We ensure to use best in class bathroom interior materials. The picturesque panels or the exquisite furniture for the bathroom would be elite & classically designed. No residential project is complete without an impressive bathroom. This place of the house serves much beyond performing daily water & hygiene procedures. This can be a great place to rest, recuperation & relaxation. Hence, we at Mouhajer International Design create this space with utmost intelligence & care in every small aspect.

    The bathroom project ideas developed by us are unique, pretty as well as functionally superior. The layout, as well as each bathing gadget, will be a great help to achieve ultimate relaxation. The bathroom also has to be aesthetically appealing for the visitor. As the visual delight convert the bath-time into something special. The styling & décor scheme done in the room has to be in sync with the person-specific requirements & preferences.

    While creating the interior layout for the bathroom one needs to have an absolute visualization. It is indeed very complex to imagine this scenario. However, we at Mouhajer International Design does use technologically advance project drawings to have a complete picture of the place before implementation.

    When a designer is creating a layout for a bathroom, he considers each & every small factor under consideration like a climatic condition of the region, temperature as well as the humidity level. Such details become a base for selecting raw material & fit-outs for the bathroom. We ensure to use material, which is moisture proof & unpretentious in terms of care & durability. We have mastery over creating intricate yet exclusive designs to create splendor in the decor. Like using marble fit-outs in the bathroom, the interior is indeed one lavish & extravagant delight.

    The plumbing fixtures in the bathroom need to harmonize with the overall décor & color theme. Each fixture, irrespective of its placement on walls or ceiling needs to match with the interior. Even appropriate lighting also matters a lot, which works as a mood lifter for the person visiting the same. Placing some pleasant looking succulents or plants in the bathroom also add freshness in the atmosphere.

    Historically bathrooms have been neglected for due décor & interior décor. Lately, when modern society understood the importance of the same, things became interesting. While decorating a bathroom, we offer due importance to every aspect associated. Thus, we create unique bathroom interior designs, which are filled with luxury, royalty & convenience.

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