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    Mouhajer International Design is a lobby entrance design service Dubai based provider. Our extensive research suggests that most guests observe & judge the place within the first 10 seconds of their visit. Thus, developing a superior villa entrance design is a very much essential task. The entrance has to be attractive, elegant & grand. Each visitor walking in should get a grandeur view of the lobby area. We put in a lot of work in decorating the room & bathrooms of the home. Somehow the most house owner neglects the lobby area where the guests enter the house.

    The lobby area should do an appropriate representation of the house. The décor & layout can be nothing but glorious especially while processed through our Lobby Entrance Design Service in Dubai. We suggest the use of luxurious stonework to create sustainable, attractive & majestic structure. Small yet impressive details have to be used like a Huge Mirror or a chandelier. We also suggest the use of indoor exotic greenery to add the touch of nature in the ambiance. Greenery in the lobby area will give a soothing sight to the visitors & guests walking in.

    To add a functional element in the lobby area mirror can be used to check the general appearance of the person coming in or going out. Placing a huge entrance door with attractive carving will give an extraordinary image of the house. We take utmost care of the décor & designing when it comes to the lobby entrance area. Even a small object like a doorknob will be aesthetically appealing. We assure the use of each handpicked item while deciding upon décor of the place while finalizing Lobby Entrance Design Service

    We all presume that the lobby area is significant from the guest’s viewpoint. However, our research suggests that even the occupants of the house can be a benefactor of beauty. The appearance of the lobby entrance should be able to attract the viewer in just a few seconds. In the case where space is not a constraint, we can use a fountain to add pleasant charm in the lobby area. Flowing water sound is a very appealing element for ears. Even for the people sitting in the living area close to the lobby fountain will be a delightful sight.

    We make generous use of decorative elements such as glass, wood, stone & lighting solutions to create splendid designs when we develop Lobby Entrance Design Service Dubai. Many of our clients prefer crystal chandeliers to add a touch of glamour in the lobby area. The furniture in the room can be simple but elegant. We emphasize upon optimum use of natural light to create a natural & open atmosphere in the lobby entrance.

    We offer Lobby Entrance Design Service in Dubai province. Our designs do help the glorious villa to look even more majestic. The lobby décor will have a touch of rich Arabic culture to endorse the regional heritage. The décor has to be neat in appearance & classy in feel. You can contact us on any of the details available on our website to get the marvelous entrance of your dreams for the house.

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