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    Dressing Room Design services

    Mouhajer International Design offers the most classing dressing room design ideal. Our designers
    have vast experience of crafting designs, which match with the classic aesthetic style of Middle
    Eastern culture. The dressing room is one of the most significant places in the home. This place gives
    us a spot to change our clothes & be an extension of our living space. In this special place, you
    decide our look for a day on a regular basis & can admire your style.
    We believe that thorough work has to be done to decide the interior for the dressing room design.
    Pleasant & attractive décor in your private space can lift your mood in a split second. Walk-in
    wardrobes & dressing rooms are gaining popularity across the globe. It is an indicator that people
    have started valuing their personal life & space with more consideration. Hence, we have a dedicated
    team to fulfill all your desires to have an elegantly classing dressing room design.
    Decoration process for a dressing room design cannot be undermined compared to other parts of
    the home. It has to be elegant, attractive yet functionally efficient. The Décor cannot be a reason to
    compromise upon the utility aspect. This one room helps you to keep your entire home clutter free. In
    a stylish & classing dressing room clothing can turn in to a favorite ritual. Comfortable atmosphere
    with amazing features blend together & create a great ambience.
    A well-planned dressing room can easily appear spacious. We ensure to build utility wise great
    layouts for best storage solutions. The exterior will have a touch of class & charm both. Our designing
    process will ensure to place the right kind of lighting in the dressing room to set the right kind of
    mood. The room has to be equipped with all necessary functions like air conditioning, lighting & fresh-
    air ventilation to support sufficient hygiene for the place. Our designs have a mix of style & artistic
    The unique beauty about a dressing room design is that it does not necessarily need many furniture
    pieces. The wall colors have to be light & colored with soft royal pastel colors for adding elegance in
    the atmosphere. A small art piece on the patterned wall will do wonders for the interior appearance.
    The ceiling has to be carefully decorated for a touch of grandness in the climate. A relatively small
    chandelier on the ceiling gives a touch of royalty. Flooring on the dressing room needs to be soft
    colored & little coarse to avoid the mishap of slipping while getting ready.
    Dressing room prepares a person for the rest of the day. One gets to spend a nice time while getting
    ready for the forthcoming hustle bustle of the day. We ensure to deliver a design, which is in utmost
    sync with your home décor & add the extra convenience of storing & placing your clothes & shoes.
    Our expert team will ensure to create a layout, which is accessible, attractive & comfortable for daily

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