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    Custom Furniture Design

    Maher Mohajer has built quite an image for offering stylish and durable furniture for our clients. Our broad scope of originator, contemporary and customary office furniture offers all that you require for a utilitarian and trendy work environment.

    We can help decorate home, office or retail store with unique, beautiful custom-made solid wood furniture that lasts.We specialize is use of different woods and different colors in a single piece of furniture to add to the beauty of the wood. Every design is need and space-based and aims to offer maximum utilization and value for a given piece of furniture. We use treated and seasoned wood to provide longevity to the furniture.

    Our focus on customized products and solutions is often an ultra-modern and hi-tech fully equipped techniques which facilitate in changing the ambiance of the space we design and as per the client’s requirements.

    We collaborate with interior designers, architects and builders to provide them something more than the usual stuff in real quick time so that they can concentrate on rest of the interior/construction work and leave the furniture production on us. Equipped with state-of-art production machinery, we are capable of delivering even large projects in a few weeks.

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