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    Hotel Interior Design Service

    Mouhajer International Design is effectively skilled & equipped to be one of a kind Hotel Interior Design Services. We have been designing uniquely designed hotels across the UAE province. Having lavish & unique interior is a massive selling point. Several tourist guests take the decision of finalizing a hotel after having a look at the photograph of the property. Here, the real challenge is to keep the image of the hotel consistent between photograph & reality. Also, the interior should be able to please all kinds of guests, not just a few. We have a complete understanding of the preference & taste of tourists from across the countries. Hence, delivering a globally acceptable design is indeed our specialty.

    Our skilled professionals have the competence to create an alluring & completely functional design, which meets the complex requirements of the hospitality industry. Our services strike a perfect balance between the needs of the guests & employees both. Our creative ideas will add unique elements to the design, which will help to achieve supreme productivity by employees.

    The modern-day aesthetic designs are a culmination of several physical elements. We create the epitomic display of luxury mixed with functional supremacy. This is achieved using the correct selection of materials, beautiful juggle around lighting & stunning synchronization between spaces. Our expert eyes will leave no margin for any miss, in terms of waste of space.

    Stylizing any hospitality property works on some basic rules. Here, the facility is built using the mathematics of capacity for total numbers of guests in a particular space. Common areas like a café or a restaurant have to be designed using all the minute styling details. Such areas should not look too cramped or too empty for the visual effect. We have vast experience in the creation of impactful & useful designs for restaurants, lounges & cafes.

    Before finalizing any project, a complete visual tour of the blueprint will be provided to the clients. Hence, our customers have a fair idea of how the final placement of the design will be. The designing will be inclusive of our unique vision & the tastefulness of our clients. We do take the utmost care in designing every corner of the hotel. However, we take extra care in highlighting spots such as spa, restaurant, corridor and convention hall.

    Below is the broad overview of the services included while we take up any designing project:

    • Dismantle procedure for partitions, utilities, windows, doors etc
    • Installation of furniture & fixtures
    • Placement of partitions
    • Segregation of the premise a per the decided zones
    • Fixing the sanitary equipment
    • Beautification of the ceilings
    • Placement & installation of lighting
    • Decorative flooring
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