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    Hospitality Interior design company in Dubai

    We work with great exactitude & provide hospitality interior design in services in Dubai. First impressions are of utmost importance. Especially in the case of hospitality business leaving a lasting impact on a guest’s mind is very important. We make sure that all the amenities in your hotel are easy to use & optimally serviceable.

    With every project, we take up the benchmark of excellence goes up. Our expert hospitality interior design in services in Dubai has completed many of the posh hotels, restaurants, lounges & Spas. Our deep understanding of the domain helps us to create the right kind of atmosphere for the guests. We also ensure to add features in the set-up, which allow the smooth operation of the day to day operation.

    Giving what is Just Right for the Guests

    Our process of research, coordination & execution will surely conduct a thorough understanding of the requirement of our clients. However, our experts will always bring something special in the entire process. We always keep in consideration the need for simplicity with luxury in the décor to create a homelike yet extraordinary ambience. The hotels designed by us have high aesthetic value & cozy ambience.

    Unique Design Ideas using hospitality interior design in services in Dubai

    Our vision & unique preferences of our clients have helped us to design some of the finest hotels in Dubai. Some hotels want exceptionally designed lobbies to create a lasting impression on the visitors & we delivered an exact project to them. One of our clients wanted to design minimalist themed guest rooms & they were utterly pleased with our output.

    Integration of Luxury with Comfort

    Our hospitality interior design in services in Dubai has been quite renowned across the province. The hotels designed by us become quite a destination rather than just a place to stay. We use wise use of greenery, light, artifacts & color to create mesmerizing surroundings. One of our projects has a special focus upon crafting every bathroom with spa-like feel & we created just the right space for them.

    Functionality at the top of the List

    We truly understand that in hospitality industry efficient & attractive space décor is of epitomic significance. Hence, every design created by us delivers the project, which is capable of pleasing guests & allowing the management to function smoothly. We make sure to effectively utilize every inch of the space & make it look elegant also.

    Work is demanding, even for the best jobs in any industry. So when a guest comes back to their room after a day of meetings, networking, or delivering an important presentation, taking time to unwind is vital. We genuinely believe that hospitality Interior design does not revolve around the lounge or lobby only. This demanding industry of hospitality considers every fine detail of their place even including the bathroom along with the mix of the room that needs designing. Our Interior design starts the minute your guests’ steps inside your place and ends when they leave. Hence, we Mouhajer International Design takes pride in being the Hospitality Interior design in Services in Dubai.


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